Thursday Nov 30, 2023

Diogo Corona & #039;s Journey at Smart Fit

Diogo Corona can be described as the driving force behind
SmartFit’s success story . His journey within the fitness giant’s corridors is
nothing short of relentless passion, and unwavering dedication. From humble
beginnings to a pivotal role, he is but the embodiment of transformative
. In this brief glimpse, we’ll delve into his life and career,
highlighting his achievements and contributions to the fitness industry. 

Early Life and Education 

Diogo Corona was born in RibeirãoPreto, SP, Brazil in the
year 1988. He attended the Insper Institute of Education and Research,
graduating with a degree in Business Administration. This equipped him with the
essential skills and knowledge required to thrive in the competitive business

His role at Smart Fit 

Diogo’s journey at Smart Fit began during his senior year at
Insper. He joined the company as an administrative intern, initially working
behind the scenes. After graduating in 2010, he opted to stay, rising from
expansion analyst to planning manager and eventually executive director.

Notable Accomplishments Under His Leadership 

In 2016, Diogo was appointed the COO of SmartFit, where he
oversaw its operations in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Chile and the
Dominican Republic. It’s during this tenure, that the company experienced
remarkable growth and success. He spearheaded numerous strategic initiatives,
including the introduction of pricing activities, financial optimization and an
emphasis on customer experience. 

Synergies BetweenSmartfit and Totalpass 

In late 2019, Diogo Corona took the helm at TotalPass as its
CEO. Initially conceived by SmartFit as a response to Gympass’s emergence,
TotalPass underwent a remarkable metamorphosis under Diogo’s guidance. It
evolved to offer comprehensive health and wellness benefits that seamlessly
complemented SmartFit’s portfolio. 

Diogo Corona’s tenure at Smart Fit has been one of constant
evolution and innovation. His ability to steer SmartFit and Totalpass towards a
harmonious growth path solidifies his reputation as a transformative leader  in
the fitness industry.


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