Thursday Nov 30, 2023

The Next Ideas: Diogo Corona

Diogo Corona is a man who is thinking about things from work
all of the time. He tries his best to have a routine thoughout the day and
stick to it. That is what he says gives him a balanced life . It cannot be all
work and it cannot be all play either. There has to be a balance of both
worlds. Diogo Corona took the company Smart Fit from his father in 2019. Over
those past few years he has been able to come up with some new things that have
managed to combine technology with a solid exercise routine

One of the ideas that
really took off for Diogo Corona was the use of online classes. He wanted to
make sure that no matter where a customer is in a fitness journey  that a
consumer will feel right at home when it comes to these classes. He wants to
motivate people  to create their own routine. If people are behind the customer,
then it is more likely that they will stick to the new routine and it will
become a good habit for them. These are the next steps that Diogo Corona and
Smart Fit
 are taking together. 

When it comes to these types of ideas he likes to bounce them off of his coworkers  to
see what they think. He hopes that they will be on the same page and it can
move forward. If they are not, he can alter the plan to see how it can be
better down the road. He is always thinking about things like this. That is the
way his mind works. He is always on the cusp of the next idea. That is how the
business world works. He has to be on top, or he will be left behind.

Corona and Smart Fit at Youtube:


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